Seed Australia

Seed Australia seeks to foster an alive platform of young adults inspired by world and spiritual issues. We hope to create a network that will grow with energy and enthusiasm, build and deepen relationships with all generations and foster new initiatives in Australia.

The purposes of the Seed association are:

To support initiatives in Australia, inspired by Anthroposophy, in these three ways:

  • Fundraising
  • Nurturing the growth of youth networks
  • Facilitating new contemporary initiatives

Seed Australia is a holding of three individuals; Lisa Devine, Rose Nekvapil and Vaike Neeme. This holding receives funds and fundraises for new initiatives inspired by Anthroposophy in Australia. In 2018 there will be a new holding group elected to carry Seed Australia forward from 2019.

The first project Seed Australia is initiating is centred on the theme of Moral Technologies, which has its own website, and planned activities can be found under events. Following is a brief summery of the first event that took place in April in Melbourne. Please see the website for further information.

‘’Moral Technologies, an initiative of Seed Australia, was born as a project that would proactively explore the impact that these technologies will have on our lives and on what life is. In April, the first Moral Technologies conference convened. Over 50 people spread evenly through ages 14 to over 70 from all around Australia (and also New Zealand and Japan) attended throughout the 4 days. Nicanor Perlas lead the conversations with 8 lectures on the theme of artificial intelligence, and through workshops, games, conversations over meals and time for personal reflection, we delved deep into the topic.“

We warmly acknowledge our funding contributors thus far; in alphabetical order: The Anthroposophical Society in Australia, The Anthroposophical Society WA Branch, The Christian Community in Melbourne, The Christian Community in Sydney, The Ileen Macpherson Trust and The Ligsma Kirpe Trust.